What Authors Like You Need To Know About Writing Brits - A queen's guard reads a book while sipping a cup of tea.
Fred Johnson

What Authors Like You Need To Know About Writing Brits

Great Britain, if you haven’t heard of it, is an island in the Atlantic Ocean, just north of France. It’s very rainy, and the people who live here like to talk about how rainy it is more than perhaps any other topic. We’re consistent like that.

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Robert Wood

How To Master Similes And Metaphors In Your Writing – Part 2

Some writers automatically reach for similes and metaphors at the first opportunity, while others don’t have the instinct to involve figurative language unless prompted by an outside force. Neither side is wrong, and while similes and metaphors are valuable tools, it’s worth noting that, like all tools, they need to be used in the right circumstances. A boring detail expanded via metaphor just makes for a longer duration of boredom, and a complex idea that isn’t actually simplified by its simile is likely to become more confusing.

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