How To Figure Out The Genre Of Your Book - An author pictures various genre staples - a sword, a UFO, hearts, and a crown.
Robert Wood

How To Figure Out The Genre Of Your Book

Many authors find it difficult to define the genre of their work. There’s nothing wrong with that as you’re writing – seeing your own art as so unique as to defy classification is perfectly healthy – but when it comes to marketing and publishing, you need to know what you’re selling. That’s why, in today’s

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What's The Best Way To Publish Physical Copies Of Your Book? - An author stands by a box of books, holding one up proudly.
Paige Duke

What’s The Best Way To Print Physical Copies Of Your Book?

The question I’m most often asked by authors intending to self-publish is, ‘How do I print my book?’ Enter PoD: print on demand. It’s the preferred option for self-publishing authors for many reasons, but the one you probably care about most is cost. The PoD model doesn’t require retailers to stock inventory, which means you

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